Photos by Stephen Cihanek except where noted.

Volunteers of the Year - Justin Morgan & Steve Cihanek
President’s Award - Brian Casella

Dead Mans Cell Phone

Dead Man’s Cell Phone

Nov. 16–Dec. 1, 2012

by Sarah Ruhl

directed by Alicia Dempster

produced by Kristin Hoose & Brian Casella

Jean - Vicki J. Sosbe
Gordon - Kevin Sosbe
Mrs. Gottlieb - Susan Lang
Other Woman/Stranger - KC Ross
Hermia - Meg Jones
Dwight - James Hipp

SM - Robert Bassett
Set Design - Alicia Dempster
Lighting & Sound Design - Brian Casella
Costumes - Lena Negron & Cast
Lighting Execution - Leandra Thompson
Sound Execution - Nicola Gillotte
Set Build - Brian Casella
Properties - Robert Bassett, Kristin Hoose
Stage Crew - Janice Gabriel, Courtney Tanner
PR - Lou Okell
Lobby Artist - Paula Renee

Special Thanks
Carol Hoose, Jean Jackson, Kristin Hoose, Bob Lane, Sue Murray, Andrew Okell,Westport Country Playhouse

Into The Woods

Into The Woods

Sept. 21–Oct. 13 , 2012

book by James Lapine

music & lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

directed by Maureen Trotto

musical director Sabrina Post

choreographor Todd Santamaria

scenic designer Duane E Langenwalter

produced by Jean Jackson, Caitlin Nolan, Kira Wallace

Narrator - Joe Harding
Cinderella - Amy Crupi
Jack - Rob Bassett
Jack’s Mother - Nina Wilson
Baker - Ralph Papp
Baker’s Wife - Kira Wallace
Cinderella’s Stepmother - Rebecca Pokorski
Florinda - Janice Gabriel
Lucinda - Karen Robinson
Little Red Ridinghood - Sydney Coelho
Witch - Marilyn Olsen
Cinderella’s Mother - Grace Robles
Mysterious Man - Tom Sheehan
Wolf - Mensah Robinson
Rapunzel - Grace Robles
Rapunzel’s Prince - Stephen Michelsson
Cinderella’s Prince - Mensah Robinson
Steward - Karl Hinger
Giant - Meg Jones
Musicians - Sabrina Post, Anna DeMasi

SM - Meg Jones
Lighting Design - Stephen Cihanek
Sound Design - Cody Zanard
Costumer - Cindy Tyler
Props Master - Joy Tagliavento
Lighting Execution - Courtney Tanner
Sound Execution - Jay Austin
Spot Operator - Nicola Gilotte
Assistant Costumer - Lena Negron
Costume Assistants - Donna Panzarino, MaryLou Nolan, Sheridan Jones
Assistant Props - John Duron
Pages - Courtney Jackson, James Kry
Set Build & Paint - Larry Coleman, Frank Beaudry, Stephen Cihanek, Arlene Coleman, Chad Dutcher, Nicola Gilotti, Bob Lane, Ralph Papp, John Schneider, Courtney Tanner, Ning Xue
PR - Lou Okell
Lobby Artist - Stephen Cihanek

Special Thanks
Carol Hoose, Jean Jackson, Kristin Hoose, Carol Martino, Tom Morris, Origin Point Brands, Stepney Hardware, XL Color

Poetry Slam


July 2012

Special Event - Poetry Slam

directed by Michael Burnett

produced by TBTA Board of Directors



July 6 –28, 2012

book & lyrics by James Rado & Gerome Ragni

music by Galt MacDermot

directed & choreographed by Michael Burnett

musical director Norris Person

produced by Sara Mariano, Kira Wallace & Meg Jones

Berger - Bennett Cognato
Claude - Nicholas Kuell
Crissy - Kristin Hoose
Dionne - Janina Reiner
Hud - Deyon Rosado
Jeanie - Kate McMorran
Margaret Mead - Matt Austin
Sheila - Lauren Brown
Woof - Robert Bassett
Tribe - Yessica Braun, Ryan Bulson, John Duron, Mallory Escott, Matt Farina, Joshua Friedmann, Christopher Hunter, Willie Marte, Leila Noone, Ralph Papp, Crystal Schewe, Holly Sorrells

Keyboard - Norris Person
Lead Guitar - Michael Mosca
Guitar - Nicholas Paul Panzarino
Bass - Mauro Campoverde
Percussion - Adam Heavens

SM/Properties - Carol Martino
Set Design - Michael Burnett, Justin Morgan, Bob Lane, Jeanette Draper, Deb Farber, Kim Bald
Lighting Design - Justin Morgan
Sound Design - Jamie Bishop
Costumers - Jill Hancock, Lena Negron, Meg Jones, Mary Lou Nolan
Set Construction - Bob Lane, Andrew Okell
Set Painting - Jeanette Draper, Deb Farber, Kim Bald
Assistant Stage Manager - Jenny Dear
Sound Execution - Jamie Bishop, Wend Yung
Lighting Execution - Jill Hancock
Lighting Assistants - Victoria Howe, Seth Baldwin
Spot Operator - Courtney Tanner
PR - Lou Okell
Lobby Artist - Larry Gillette

Special Thanks
Carol Hoose, Jean Jackson, Kristin Hoose, A Common Ground, Windhorse Acupuncture, Danbury H.S. Productions, Warner Theatre, Chris Gillotte, Nicola Gillotte, Jean Hatcherson, Kris Hodge, Menoo Jared, Jim LaPine, the alignment of the stars for the coming together of the Yava’Hasinai


First Annual...

June 2, Oct. 20, 2012

Special Event - Improv Night

directed by Matt Austin

produced by TBTA Board of Directors

Matt Austin, Bennett Cognato, Jess Costello, Billy Dempster, John Duron, Kelly Luf, Abbey Lynch, Chrystal Schewe, Jody Bayer, Meg Jones

Special Thanks
Joy Tagliavento, Andy Okell, Emma Okell, Lou Okell, Brian Casella, Carol Hoose, Jean Jackson

Moonlight and Magnolias

Moonlight & Magnolias

April 27–May 12, 2012

by Ron Hutchinson

directed by Tom Sheehan

produced by Andrew Okell & Joy Tagliavento

David O. Selznick - Tim Phillips
Ben Hecht - Matt Austin
Victor Fleming - Steve Yudelson
Miss Poppenguhl - Paulette Layton
Voice Over Artists - Tom Sheehan, Bob Lane

SM/Properties - Carol Martino
Set Design - Andrew Okell
Sound & Lighting Design - Brian Casella
Costumer - Carolyn Onorato
Set Construction - Bob Lane, Donald Lombardo, Andrew Okell, Emma Okell
Set Painting - Andrew Okell, Emma Okell, Lou Okell, Tom Sheehan
Sound Execution - Dan Spring
Lighting Execution - Emma Nissenbaum
PR - Lou Okell
Lobby Artist - Janet Iffland

Special Thanks
Carol Hoose, Jean Jackson, Kristin Hoose, Arkettype Graphics & Printing, Brookfield High School Theatre Department, Mary & Steve Chiappalone, Crown Trophy, Savings Bank of Danbury, Warner Theatre, Frank Wargo

Thou Shall Not Dance

Thou Shall Not Dance

Special Event - World Premiere

March 9–11, 2012

by Lynn J McNeil

directed by Maureen Trotto

produced by Cindy Maddox & Lou Okell

Sara - Meg Jones
Narrator/Poet - Kristin Hoose
Stage Attendant - Jenny Dear

Set Design - Duane E Langenwalter
Lighting Design - Brian Casella
Sound Design - Stephen Cihanek
Costumes & Properties - Cast
Set Construction & Painting - Arlene Coleman, Larry Coleman, Duane E. Langenwalter, Andrew Okell, Emma Okell, Lou Okell, Emily Renwick
Sound Execution - Lou Okell
Lighting Execution - Nicola Gillotte
Lighting Crew - Leandra Thompson, Josh White
Backstage Manager - Jenny Dear
PR - Lou Okell
In Our Lobby - Silent Witness Initiative, I Stand With You, In Our Shoes
House Manager - Emma Okell

Special Thanks
Carol Hoose, Jean Jackson, Andrew Okell, Robert Lane, Arkettype Graphics & Printing

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